Friday, January 27, 2012

Bird Photography & Birding in Costa Rica

I can't think of anywhere with more species of birds packed into a small country the size of West Virginia in the world.  While the USA boasts some 900+ species, tiny Costa Rica wins hands down with and impressive 1800+ species.  Migrants from both north and south America plus an array of endemic species unique to Costa Rica.  From tiny warblers and honey creepers to large waders, pelicans and birds of prey; more common species like thrushes and robins to exotic parrots, macaws and the magnificent Resplendent Quetzal you're sure to get your fill.  Whether you're and experienced birder, a professional photographer, a hobbyist or just enjoy the diversity of nature you'll be in seventh heaven in Costa Rica.

Our hosts for our are annual Costa Rica Photo Safari are Lookout Inn on the beautiful shore of the pacific ocean and Bosque Del Cabo Rainforest Lodge nestled in the primary rainforest.

If photographing the feathered friends is your quest I recommend at least a 400mm lens with a 500mm or 600mm preferred.  While these are on the heavy end you will need the reach to get close to the shy species.  But don't despair as there are plenty of  shots to be had with shorter lenses of 200mm to 300mm.  A good tripod is a must for working in the rainforest as dark conditions prevail under the canopy.  And I often employ the use of a flash with a flash extender, I use the Better Beamer.

Here are but a few of the thousands of bird images taken during the 2012 Costa Rica photo safari; in addition to many species we have photographed in the past we added several new species to our list.  New birds included, the White-fronted Parrot and the Masked Tityra.  The Tityra was photographed on the grounds of Bosque Del Cabo Rainforest Lodge and the White-fronted Parrots during our river cruise up the Rio Esquinas.
Masked Tityra
White-fronted Parrot
Several of my favorite images from this years safari included some of the images of waders and shorebirds taken while staying at Lookout Inn on Carate Beach.
"Walk like an Egyptian", a Tri-colored Heron &

Willet in winter plumage walking in from of a Tri-colored Heron
 While the 2012 adventure is coming to an end we'd be happy to share the beauty of the birds of Costa Rica with you in 2013.  For more information please visit and check out our dates and rates for 2013.  Or if you'd like more information, drop me an email at;


  1. I gotta take the cruise up the Rio Esquinas the next time I'm down there. Nice shots Nick.


  2. Thanks John, hopefully it won't be too long!