Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Carate Beach Costa Rica-Tapirs & Parrots

Well the best laid plans don't always work out, so I stay flexible.  Haven't been able to blog since arriving, just too busy.  Weather here at Lookout Inn on the shores of Carate Beach has been down right wonderful.  Sunny during the days with tropical breezes to keep things from being unbearably hot and muggy.  The photography has been simply amazing with the bountiful wildlife of the Osa Peninsula on display daily.  Wake-up for photo shoot is 4:30am daily and the early morning walk to the nearby lagoon to photograph wading and shore birds has been both productive and spiritual.

Today on the way back from our morning at the lagoon we were fortunate to see and photograph a Tapir, the largest mammal in Central America, in the surf.  I guess a dip in the ocean is not an exclusive to people.  The image was taken with a Canon 500mm f4 IS w/1.4x II teleconverter and a Canon 1D MK IV.
The Tapir spent quite some time in the waves giving everyone ample time to photograph him before disappearing into the nearby jungle.  With some luck he'll make another appearance before we head to our next destination. 

As we returned to the lodge of breakfast we were interrupted yet again.  A pair of Red-lored Amozon Parrots were nest building in a date palm at the bottom of the hill from the lodge.  Gotta love those kind of interruptions!  We'll be keeping an eye on the nest for more photo ops.  The image was taken with the same setup as the Tapir as I hadn't changed anything from the Tapir shoot.

Well daylights burning and there's plenty more images to be had today.   Just too much fun!!

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